Discovering Audiences with +2.5x greater engagement for Tourism Board

The Challenge

A regional tourism board partnered with Varick to promote travel bookings for their beach town and discover new audiences.

The Execution

Cross device retargeting engaged prospective tourists minutes after they left the client’s website.

Showcased highlights of the beach town’s scenery and activities using Facebook Carousel units.

The Insight

Data analysis revealed that Empty Nesters were visiting the client’s site far more often than the original Millennial targeted audience, and campaign delivery was optimized to reach them.

3rd Party Audience data uncovered deeper insights on the new targeted audience, including a heavy interest in hiking, golfing and equestrian.

The Impact

50% lower CPA and a 40% higher CTR than client’s campaign goal

2.5x greater site visitation from newly discovered Empty Nester Audiences than original Millennial Audiences

Retargeting to mobile devices drove the highest level of campaign engagement

“We went to Varick with a specific goal of finding potential customers and driving them to book hotel stays on our website … While the amazing results certainly impressed us, their ability to help define our target audience was the most valuable part of our partnership. With Varick’s findings we were able to adjust our strategy and creative accordingly.”


Shawn Grant,
Digital Marketing Director
Augustine Agency