Driving a 176% uplift in brand interest for Luxury Apparel.

The Challenge

A luxury apparel brand partnered with Varick to promote the launch of their new spring, outerwear line.

The Execution

Ensured delivery in brand-safe and ad-fraud free environments with Varick’s Quality Code Solution.

Integrated Client’s 1st Party CRM data to hone delivery to previous customers and shoppers with high-brand affinity for the client.

Developed a brand-specific, custom algorithm to optimize ad placements to markets where temperatures dropped by 15-30% within specific time frames.

The Insight

Analyzed audience insights alongside delivery to uncover creative responsiveness and deeper brand appeal with targeted consumers.

Discovered significant changes in weather and temperature drops were a leading catalyst for outerwear sales.

The Impact

400% Return on Ad Spend generated throughout the campaign lifecycle

176% uplift in brand interest with U.S. audiences following the campaign

36% uplift in ad recall – over 44% above Youtube’s brand lift study benchmark