Driving +1.8MM Mobile App Downloads within 8 months for DTC Brand

The Challenge

A Mobile App disrupting the automotive leasing category partnered with Varick to drive 10k downloads per day in emerging markets.

The Execution

Geo-targeted and coordinated paid media activation across Google UAC, Facebook and Instagram with shared learnings to drive a lower overall Customer Acquisition Cost

Developed a custom dashboard to integrate 3rd party SDK attribution data and pivot large data sets in real time on an ongoing basis

The Insight

Data-analysis revealed optimizing toward the lowest Cost Per Pre-Approval (CPPA) was more effective for the client’s business objectives and growth

Aligned with the client’s internal roadmap to match delivery with their current capabilities, and assist in the creation of new content based on performance

The Impact

+1.8MM Mobile App Downloads and +478k Pre-Approvals driven within an 8-month span

+122% increase in pre-approval rate and 39% reduction in average CPPA following adjustments based on Varick’s campaign analysis

27 new markets added to client’s brand coverage, with Varick activating paid media within 30 minutes of the app becoming geographically available