Generating +47k quotes and +9k policy sign-ups in 10 Months for Automotive Insurance

The Challenge

An automotive insurance provider partnered with Varick to make an impact in a very competitive space by generating policy sign-ups with car owners and individuals intending to buy a car in specified DMAs

The Execution

  • Custom Targeting Segments used to hone delivery to audiences based on ideal behaviors and traits
  • Competitive conquesting against fans of competitive brands on social expanded campaign reach while cutting into rival marketshare
  • Optimized delivery across desktop and mobile devices to reach users where engagement peaked

The Insight

  • Discovered Q1 tax season was driving the majority of conversions, and developed a mass awareness play in Q4 to fill the retargeting pool
  • 75% of conversions occurred within 5 days of being served a retargeted ad, the majority of which occurred within 2 hours of reception
  • Audience analysis revealed that cost-efficiency and safety were the leading factors for prospective customers

The Impact

  • +9,000 policy sign-ups and +47k customer quotes driven in 10 months
  • 33% month over month increase in insurance policy signups
  • 9% lower Cost Per Policy than the client’s original campaign goal