Looking to Crack the Walled Gardens? Varick Gives Marketers an Unprecedented PowerPlay.

By Jay Wolff, CRO, Varick

You didn’t have to be a hockey fan to appreciate the drama and tension that led up to last month’s historic Stanley Cup Game 7 victory by the St. Louis Blues, a team that had until now never taken home the cup in its 52-year existence as a hockey team. Similarly, here at Varick, we don’t think you need to be a hockey fan to appreciate a good power play either.

In hockey, nothing can drive a stadium crazy quite like a power play, which occurs when the opposing team loses a player to the penalty box, granting the other team a numerical advantage on the ice. In other words, a power play gives a team the ultimate opportunity to crush its competition.

For too long, our clients have been on the unfavorable end of a power play- operating with a player down if you will. Platforms like Google, Amazon and Facebook certainly offer a lot to marketers, but painting a unified picture across the three is still very difficult. I see our clients struggle to make a larger impact with their advertising dollars, get deeper, more meaningful insights, all while trying to outperform their competitors.

It’s time for Marketers to maximize their efforts across the big 3, and stop being at a disadvantage. Enter, the PowerPlay, our new service bundle that offers the unprecedented ability to combine buying, measuring and reporting across Google, Amazon and Facebook. Our clients gain the ultimate advantage by leveraging three powerful platforms in tandem, while their competitors remain locked into traditional siloed management of these vital tools.

Having the ability to drive more efficient spending, stronger optimizations, and better overall performance across platforms are what our clients have been asking for. By gaining a better understanding of the role each platform plays in performance, our clients are getting a true multi-touch optimization strategy. This means more accurate performance projections, more incremental conversion volumes, and the ability to optimize non-media-related conversions through organic activity.

With PowerPlay, Varick is fundamentally transforming the way that marketers operate within the digital ecosystem’s largest walled gardens. These days, advertising on Google, Amazon and Facebook is table stakes for most brands, with more than 70 percent of digital ad spend going to these important platforms in 2019. By uniting management of these platforms, PowerPlay enables brands and agencies to get more out of both their paid media investments and non-media activities. In addition to streamlining reporting across Google, Amazon and Facebook,

So tell me: Are you ready to capitalize on your PowerPlay? [Get in touch below!]