Decreasing Acquisition Costs by 100% for eCommerce

The Challenge

An eCommerce brand partnered with Varick to drive efficient conversions with new and returning customers. The client had initially run with 12 vendors, resulting in a high CPA and a low ROI.

The Execution

Activated across channels, specifically on desktop with display, dynamic creative, pre-roll video, and on Facebook’s right rail.

Generated leading reach with activations from over 30 different demand and supply side partners.

The Insight

Varick analyzed performance over 43 weeks to determine how the number of vendors impacted ROI, CPA and the average weekly orders.

Varick’s integration with multiple partners allowed us to access the same inventory as the 12 vendors on the original plan. Two months into the campaign, Varick absorbed spend from six partners to drive more efficient results.

Custom Audience Modeling was used discover and hone delivery to the most effective consumers based on the client’s 1st party CRM data.

The Impact

95% increase in ROI from campaign delivery

100% decrease in the cost per new customer acquisition

2x Increase in weekly customer orders