Varick is offering a turnkey plan for marketers that need scale and performance... fast.
Football fans are more engaged than ever. We make it easy to reach them wherever they are getting their ‘fan-on’.
Halloween is one of the top social trends. Reach users by targeting them based on their interests across all relevant digital channels, including search, social, advanced TV, and display.
Autumn Award Season The second awards season of the year welcomes a lighthearted, engaged, and pop-culture obsessed audience.
Fantasy Football Audiences Reach the affluent, educated and engaged audience of Fantasy Football Players.
Back to School Audiences By the end of August, families have completed less than 45% of their back to school shopping! Make the most out of your marketing budget, during this extended window of time.
Accelerating Your Online Video Coverage
Holiday Retail With holiday retail estimated to cross the $1 Trillion threshold for the first time in 2019, make sure your digital coverage is ready with Varick.
eCommerce With eCommerce sales set to rise to $605 Billion in 2019, make sure you have a strategy that works for you with Varick.
Varick Quality Code Our approach to brand safety and top level care.
Travel and Tourism Travel and Tourism Mobile Ad Spend will rise to $7.4 Billion in 2019 – making up 75% of total industry digital ad spend.
Retail with Varick With so many new opportunities to connect with customers, it’s never been a more exciting time for retail brands. See how Varick is helping retail partners to drive growth.
Reaching Hispanic Audiences The US Hispanic population is now too large and diverse to be targeted as a single entity. See how Varick recommends reaching Hispanic audiences today.
Programmatic 101 Putting the power of programmatic in your hands.
Native Advertising Native will account for +61% of Digital Display Ad Spend in 2019. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your budget with Varick.
Evolving Education with Digital Enlighten your educational campaigns with Varick’s full funnel, programmatic solutions.
Driving Growth Through Digital Advertising Our holistic, four-step process ensures performance and success for your business.
Delivering Results with Direct Response Accelerate your digital direct response efforts with Varick’s full funnel programmatic solution.
Creative Synergy Between Social and Display Media Extend your existing social assets across the open web with social amplifications.
Creative Messaging with Varick See how Varick engages audiences with personalized content to scale your creative output.
B2B in the Digital World Digital Ad Spend in B2B Marketing rose by over +13% in 2018 – a total spend of over $4.6 billion.
Alveo Varick’s campaign and data management platform.
Paid Social Strategy Over 23% of digital ad spend went to social in 2018. Get the most out of your social strategy with Varick’s leading solutions.
Advanced TV With over 204MM US viewers set to watch OTT/CTV monthly by 2022, its time to get your coverage on track.
Quality At Scale Programmatic is no longer just about efficiency. See how Varick’s quality first approach to programmatic is empowering client growth.
Varick 2019 Forecast Our predictions for the most impactful trends in 2019 and beyond!
Healthcare and Pharma Professionals Engage healthcare and pharma professionals with comprehensive programmatic solutions.