The PowerPlay

Combine the power of 2,3, or more platforms and gain true competitive advantage with a single view of how media is driving growth for your brand.

The PowerPlay is flexible to your needs, we recommend starting with the big three (Google, Facebook and Amazon), but you decide how to start.


Platform Includes:

Google Search




Platform Includes:




Platform Includes:

Shopper Data Targeting Suite
(Off platform)

On-platform Ads

Why does 1 View matter?

More efficient spending
Connect the dots across channels and platforms and reduce wasteful spending.

Stronger optimizations
Know which channels are driving which customer actions and fluidly adjust strategies.

Better performance
Link real business objectives and customer development strategies to media performance.


  • Accurate performance projections
  • Non-media related conversions
  • Incremental conversion volumes
  • The role each channel plays in performance
  • Multitouch optimization strategy
  • Customer lifetime value

Beyond Performance

Look beyond performance as an indicator of growth. We work with you to be successful with every aspect of your digital media approach. Here’s how we make that happen:

Digital campaign strategy

Research and competitive analysis tools that plug into your agency’s holistic digital campaign strategy

Audience development

Refine and activate against your client’s audience with a combination of our proprietary and third party tools

Media Activation

Programmatic industry veterans that buy, implement and optimize cross platform campaigns and extend the capabilities of your agency team

Creative integration

Data-powered integration with your creative process

Measurement and advanced analytics

Measure your client’s business outcomes via Varick’s custom reporting dashboards or integrate our data into your agency reporting modules

Technology selection and deployment

We help you vet new technology platforms and maximize the return on your technology partners

AI-driven optimization

Employ customized algorithms to power bespoke platform media strategies for your clients

Quality control

Brand safety measures ensure media quality always remains a top priority


A Service Model for Everyone

Outsourced Managed Service

Complement your expertise with programmatic capabilities to turn up performance on your client’s business, and garner deep insights.

In-House Consulting

Harness the power of programmatic by seamlessly onboarding platforms, developing technology solutions, and formalizing educational and training protocols across your team.


Adopt a fluid strategy that encompasses the best of both worlds and fits your unique goals.


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