Welcome to the Age of the Platform

To unlock the full potential of your marketing, mastering media platforms is paramount to your success. Whether you’re looking to maximize activity with an existing partner or onboard new technology solutions to extend your marketing reach, Varick is here to amplify the impact of your campaigns.

Our expertise spans the multitude of technology platforms today’s digital marketers encounter:


Alveo is our campaign and data management platform. We created Alveo to make sophisticated programmatic campaigns simpler to manage. It does the heavy lifting of bringing data from every digital channel into one place, meaning multi-platform initiatives are not only feasible, but easy to implement. Unlike other software platforms, Alveo also provides granular audience insights, giving you real clarity into campaign performance and the people that you have impacted.

What does that mean for you? Your service team isn’t bogged down pulling reports, they are free to discover creative ways to use your campaign and audience data to grow your business. Alveo provides transparent reporting and actionable insights at your fingertips.